Glutton® H₂O Perfect®

Revolutionary new concept – Your electric street vacuum cleaner equipped with a medium-pressure water jet!

The 100% electric Glutton® H₂O Perfect® urban waste vacuum cleaner has a pressurised water spray. Your cleaning staff can easily spray and remove all the dirt they come across in your city every day: dog mess, pigeon droppings and dirt stuck or encrusted onto the pavements, public benches, street bins, etc. The Glutton® H₂O Perfect® can be used to clean and disinfect all ground coverings with a single jet.

Glutton H2O Perfect®

One jet of water and it's clean
  • 100% electric vacuum cleaner
  • 0% CO2 emissions
  • Picks upall urban waste
  • Cleans and disinfects all surfaces
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Our four-legged friends

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Quality in the smallest details

A city that can breathe

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For your inside spaces

A clean city and happy residents

Your cleaning staff easily remove all the dirt they come across in your city: dog mess, pigeon droppings, grease marks and other dirt stuck or encrusted onto the pavements, public benches, street bins, etc.

Your city is clean and disinfected

  • Equipped with an ergonomic water jet that is easy to carry in its integrated storage sheath, the Glutton® H2O Perfect® vacuum cleaner delivers significant time and energy savings.
  • The Glutton® H2O Perfect® picks up waste from the smallest recesses around town, and deep-cleans what's left. It's the perfect cleaning tool for your maintenance teams.

Benefits for you

  • 100% electric
  • 0% CO2
  • Picks up all urban waste
  • Disinfects all surfaces
  • Helps to combat viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Effective cleaning with water jets
  • 60 litres of on-board water
  • Low-energy pump
  • Removes soiling of all kinds
  • Respects the environment

On-board medium-pressure washer

  • Water storage capacity 60 litres
  • A pump/filter/pressure switch assembly
  • An adjustable, ergonomic, medium-pressure water jet with hose

After activating the pump on the dashboard, the user presses the trigger on the water jet and the pump starts automatically.

The pressure of the jet can be adjusted on the handle (focused or diffused jet).

Easy and comfortable to use

Our patented, ultra-lightweight ergonomic control handle 3.0 guarantees comfortable use all day long.


  • Innovative multi-position shape
  • Lightweight, perfectly balanced
  • Exceptional user comfort
  • Quickly adjusted without tools


  • Suction power controlled wirelessly
  • Robust
  • Maintenance-free

One or two hands

  • Comfort position
  • Intensive position
  • Ambidextrous



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