Glutton® H₂O Perfect®

NEW :The Glutton® H2O Perfect® is equipped with an on-board medium-pressure cleaner

Equipped with an ergonomic water jet that is easy to carry in its integrated storage sheath, the Glutton® H2O Perfect® delivers significant time and energy savings.
The Glutton® H2O Perfect® picks up waste from the smallest recesses around town, and deep-cleans what’s left. It’s the perfect cleaning tool for your maintenance teams.Your town is clean and disinfected.

Your Benefits
• 100% electric
• 0% CO2
• Disinfects all surfaces
• Helps to combat viruses, bacteria and fungi
• Picks up all urban waste
• Effective cleaning with water jets
• Low-energy pump
• Removes soiling of all kinds
• Respects the environment

Glutton® H2O Perfect® :

  • 100% electric
  • Integrated pressurised cleaner
  • Cleans, deodorises and disinfects with a single jet
  • Integrated storage sheath
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