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  • Tomorrow's Facilities Management (TFM) – 07-05-21

    About the Glutton® Collect® : “We have had very positive feedback from our teams, who recognise the value of time given back to re-deploy labour more effectively by utilising the Glutton. Replacing manual brush and shovel with something as efficient and effective as Glutton has amde their lives a lot easier and has helped them dedicate more time to helping customers and to become even more proud of their car parks' says Brian Devonshire - Director of Managed Sevices for NCP.

  • New Port city council – 25-03-19

    About the Glutton® Collect® : “The new equipment used by Newport City Council cleansing team acts as a giant vacuum cleaner and is distinctive because it has a giant flexible hose. This means it can pick up litter, leaves and most importantly cigarette butts from under benches, other street furniture and hard to reach places. So the Glutton will help improve the environment which is something the council is always working on.”

  • Barnet council – 21-03-19

    About the Glutton® Collect® : “The glutton machines will make it quicker for our teams to clean large areas, with the street vacuums able to clear smaller pieces of litter much better. The machines are also electric, environmentally friendly and can operate quietly without causing noise pollution.”

  • SudOuest

    "This lightweight and manoeuvrable tool offers a new technology for council workers."

  • Actu.fr Falaise 20/05/18

    Kevin Legeay, head of gardens and green spaces, about the Glutton® Collect®: "Operatives feel their new equipment transforms their status (…) It is intuitive and easy to use."

  • Télépro 19.05.18

    "This all-terrain electric machine is silent and eco-friendly, and has transformed the work of street sweepers."

  • Actu.fr 13/05/18

    Jeoffrey Zanardi, head of green spaces in Chambly, about the Glutton® Collect®: "It's easy to move it around. This is essential for user comfort, and delivers a better return on investment."

  • Herault Tribune Vias 02/05/18

    "Thanks to a suction system for all kinds of rubbish, the Glutton® leaves nothing in its wake!"

  • Vlan-Andenne 04/04/18

    About the Glutton® Zen®: "It is silent and therefore perfect for city centres, historic centres, alleyways and other awkward places, and it can be used at night or very early in the morning without disturbing the local residents."

  • PromAndenne 07/03/18

    About the Glutton® Zen®: "Powered by new-generation lithium iron phosphate batteries, it is the essential urban cleanliness tool."

  • Le Soir 07/02/2018

    Jean-Pierre Servais of the cleansing department of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, about the Glutton® Collect®: "It picks up everything including cans and dog waste. And it fits everywhere!"

  • L’Ardennais Charleville 09/01/18

    "It is the Rolls Royce of waste collection. The Bentley of cigarette end removal."

  • La Capitale 05/01/18

    "The incredible success of these vacuum cleaners and the revolution triggered by the arrival of the Glutton® Zen® on the market will certainly shape the news agenda in 2018."

  • Sudpresse 02/11/17

    "The Glutton® really does make life easier for road maintenance staff."

  • Innovatech 01/09/17

    "Christian Lange created the Glutton®, the Formula 1 of the street sweeping world."

  • Innovatech 01/09/17

    "Glutton® is now a strong brand showcasing everything that innovative entrepreneurship can offer Wallonia."

  • Wallonie Design Septembre 2017

    "For the Glutton®, there's no such thing as can't!"

  • Alès Agglo Juillet/Août 2017

    Jérôme, from the cleansing department of Alès, about the Glutton® Collect®: "Outside cafés, a single pass with a vacuum cleaner does the same work as 50 sweeps of a broom."

  • Invest in Namur 06/07/17

    About the new factory: "This is definitely a new milestone with fabulous growth prospects for this innovating gem, the pride of the Namur province."

  • Invest in Namur 06/07/17

    "(…) The undeniable strengths of everything this company makes: robustness, safety, performance."

  • L’avenir 21/06/17

    "In the world of street cleaning, Glutton® is at the top of its game"

  • L’Echo 20/06/17

    "The urban vacuum cleaners and street sweepers promise cleaner air and cleaner streets as well as jobs in Wallonia."

  • Inf’ohey Avril 2017

    "Glutton® is the world's best electric urban and industrial waste vacuum cleaner."

  • Limerick Leader 02/03/17

    "The high tech litter machine (…) has revolutionised the work of road maintenance staff around the world."

  • MVO Août 2016

    Malcolm Bates, after testing the Glutton® Collect®: "Would I be happy to walk with a Glutton® all-day rather than drive a sub-compact ride-on sweeper? Yes, I would."

  • Ville de Seraing 12/08/16

    "Glutton® can deal with all waste."

  • Le courrier de L’Eure Août 2015

    François Bidault, assistant head of the living environment in Neubourg, about the Glutton® Collect®: "This innovative tool guarantees urban cleanliness and requires much less physical effort than the dustpan and broom."

  • Corse-Matin 30/01/2014

    "Glutton®, the perfect solution for clean alleyways."

  • Corse-Matin 30/01/2014

    "Wherever it goes, the waste vacuum cleaner improves well-being and cleanliness, transforming the status of operatives and increasing their efficiency."

  • La Dernière Heure 25/07/13

    "With a presence in 60 countries, in more than 5000 towns and cities from south to north, Glutton® is a genuine success story."

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