Glutton®, a human company with a unique corporate culture

Glutton® leads the field in urban cleaning with its electric waste vacuum cleaners and street sweepers. We currently have a workforce of 94 experts in their particular area (research and development, after sales service, logistics, finance, marketing, sales, production, procurement, quality, safety) and we are constantly on the look-out for new talent.

Glutton® employees put customer satisfaction at the heart of everything they do, aiming to "make satisfied customers" by respecting the vision, the mission and the values of Glutton®.   

Glutton®'s VISION

Glutton® provides the convenience of cleanliness for everyone, improving safety in Cities and Industrial Sites around the world.

Glutton® also has a MISSION

To invent, develop, and bring new products to the market. That make the environment cleaner AND safer while at the same time reasserting the value of human work.

Glutton®'s core VALUES

Quality, people, innovation, passion, dynamism, sustainable development.