Glutton® Currently Experiencing a Cyber Attack: Everything You Need to Know…

Despite all precautions, no one is immune to a cyber attack, including Glutton®. In 2023, Belgium was the target of over 100 successful cyber attacks per day affecting institutions, businesses, and citizens, according to the latest reports from the Federal Police. Moreover, with the approach of the 2024 elections and the Belgian presidency of the European Union, a significant increase in cyber attacks targeting Belgian institutions and businesses has already been observed by cybersecurity experts.

Precautionary Measures Taken by Glutton® & Communication Devices

Glutton® is currently managing a cyber attack. Our teams are working tirelessly to resolve the IT issues that have arisen. As a precaution, our computer systems are operating at a reduced capacity to allow our cybersecurity experts to effectively counter this attack. Furthermore, to ensure the protection of your data, we have filed a case with the Data Protection Authority. As of today (16/01/24), we have no indication of any actual data breach.

We Remain Reachable

We inform you that our messaging service (emails) may be subject to some disruptions. If your usual contact is not reachable, please do not hesitate to contact Glutton® at: +32 85 31 04 30. We remain available for all your requests.

Our Recommendations to Protect Yourself from a Cyber Attack

As a precaution, Glutton® reminds you of some precautionary measures to apply individually to avoid potential cyber attacks:

  • Caution with Emails and Attachments: Be extremely vigilant with emails, especially those from unknown sources. Do not click on links or open attachments if you have doubts about their authenticity.
  • Do Not Share Sensitive Information: Avoid sharing confidential company information on unsecured platforms or with unauthorized persons.
  • Secure Use of Mobile Devices: If you access company resources from a mobile device, ensure that the device is secured with a password, PIN code, or biometric authentication.
  • Secure Connections: When using Wi-Fi, favor secure networks and avoid unprotected public networks. Consider using a VPN for an additional layer of security.
  • Be Vigilant for Signs of an Attack: If you notice something abnormal on your computer or in your accounts, such as unusual slowness or error messages, report it to your IT department.
  • Use Company Resources Responsibly: Be aware of your company's security policy and follow it scrupulously for the use of IT resources. Moreover, be informed that we are going to review our security policy this year. Goal: To respond to developments in security.
  • Report Security Incidents: In case of suspicion of malicious activity, immediately inform your IT department.

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