Revolutionizing Cleanliness in USA Glutton® electric urban & industrial waste vacuum now tailored for the American Lifestyle

Glutton® vacuum cleaners are celebrated for their durability, silence and superior cleaning performance. Known for their robust construction, these electric vacuum cleaners are designed to tackle all cleaning challenges efficiently.

Glutton machines have been adjusted to meet American standards.Glutton® machines provide quick and non-polluting cleaning as they are 100% electric. Operators save time and improve productivity without wasting energy. They make fast progress, instantly vacuuming up rubbish as they go.

Safety first

Industrial waste or urban waste – there is nothing it cannot handle: paper, cardboard, cigarette packets and butts, cans and bottles made of glass, plastic or metal, dog waste, dead leaves, rubbish trapped in tree grilles, wood/steel/aluminum shavings etc.

Without any direct contact with the rubbish, there are no risks of injury while collecting the rubbish (sharps, syringes, broken glass etc.). Work is done in complete safety.

A cost-effective solution for USA

Glutton provides a durable, high-performance cleaning solution for the US marketWith Glutton® and the same workforce, your town id five times cleaner than with classic broom and shovel systems. To cater specifically to the US market, Glutton® has introduced several technical adaptations in their vacuum cleaners including electrical adjustments to comply with American standards.

The US-specific adaptations make Glutton® vacuum cleaners a highly suitable solution for American users. Key benefits include enhanced energy efficiency, reduced noise levels, and improved environmental friendliness. These features not only meet but exceed the expectations of municipalities, industries, and cleaning professionals, aligning with the increasing demand for sustainable and effective cleaning solutions.

Ready to experience the future of cleaning with Glutton’s advanced solutions tailored for the American market? You may contact contact Marie Vansull:

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