Why should I use Glutton® in my town ?

Is your aim to make your city cleaner in every neighbourhood ? The Glutton® waste vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution.            

A 100% electric urban waste hoover for fast, efficient cleaning

The Glutton vacuum cleaner cleans your city quickly and efficiently Glutton® machines provide quick and non-polluting cleaning as they are 100% electric. Operators save time and improve productivity without wasting energy. They make fast progress, instantly vacuuming up rubbish as they go.           

The water jet allows your cleaning operatives to easily remove all the dirt they come across in your city on a daily basis.        

The mobile, highly manoeuvrable and self-propelled Glutton® machine can collect all kinds of waste that will fit through a hose with a 125 mm diameter. It is the street cleaning champion.

Get rid of cigarette butts easily with the Glutton® waste vacuum cleaner

Glutton® for fast, CO2-free, safe and comfortable operations and more efficient cleaning. For exemple, cigarette butts wedged in gaps on surfaces can be very difficult to remove with a broom or rubbish grippers. The Glutton® uses suction to easily and effectively remove trapped cigarette butts.

This brings a direct benefit for operators as it allows them to complete their task more quickly and efficiently.

More information about the Glutton® waste vacuum cleaner ?

You can contact us by telephone or via the online form.


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