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Again our innovative electric sweeper Glutton® Zen® has received an overwhelming response from the market! Thanks to its advanced features and eco-friendly design, we've seen a significant surge in orders, demonstrating the cities readiness for sustainable solutions. No less than 10 sweepers were ordered this week ! Our prestigious customers are cleaning France, Belgium, Spain , Greece and much more.

This milestone is not just another win for us but a step forward, pushing us closer to our goal of transforming urban cleanliness with minimal environmental impact. We want to express our heartfelt thanks to our customers who trust in our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Why choosing the 100% electric Glutton® Zen® sweeper means opting for excellence ?

  • Cutting-edge technology and a high-performance, innovative system.
  • Optimal hygiene without any dust emission, ensuring easy coexistence with pedestrians. Our unique dust filter captures 99.9% of particles larger than 0.5 micron.
  • Zero CO2 emissions, demonstrating total environmental respect.
  • Non-existent noise pollution: our Glutton® machines are true creators of silence.
  • Guaranteed savings: minimal operating costs, maintenance expenses reduced by five, and substantial residual value.

Furthermore, the spacious and ergonomic cabin of the Glutton® Zen® provides absolute comfort for your operators. It features a panoramic and heated windshield, glass flooring, high-quality seating, heating and air conditioning, a radio, USB charger, GPS, soundproofing, and a Fridge Box...

Everything is designed to facilitate your agents' work. 

With the Glutton® Zen®, our clients are assured of having made a choice of excellence !

As we continue to grow and fulfill these orders, we are more committed than ever to delivering exceptional value and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in environmental technology.

Stay tuned for more updates as we ride this wave of success and innovation!

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