10 good reasons to invest in a high-performance electric urban waste vacuum cleaner

Urban waste management is a major challenge within a municipality or city. To tackle it, it is essential to have high-performance cleaning equipment. Glutton®, the world leader in electric street vacuum cleaners, mentions 10 reasons to invest in an electric urban waste vacuum cleaner to ensure the cleanliness of your city in Belgium, France, and all over the world.

Why invest in a high-performance street vacuum cleaner?

Deux hommes aspirent les déchets dans la rue avec l'aspirateur Glutton

To keep your public spaces clean, investing in high-performance street vacuums is an ideal solution. Why?

1. 100% electric street cleaning equipment

The urban waste vacuum cleaner is 100% electric: it emits neither CO2 nor exhaust gases. You protect the health of residents and the environment.

2. Easier work for the cleanliness agent

Thanks to the urban vacuum cleaner, the cleanliness agent can clean the smallest corners of the city more quickly and easily than with just a shovel and broom. The machine vacuums all waste and also allows spraying and removing dirt thanks to an onboard water lance.

3. Precise and neat street cleaning

No waste resists a high-performance city vacuum cleaner. With powerful suction force, the streets are cleared of all debris. The street vacuum removes everything from cigarette butts to glass bottles.

4. A communication tool that circulates in your city

Electric urban waste vacuum cleaners have an innovative and aesthetic design. They prove to be a positive communication tool for citizens. They are not disturbed by the compact and quiet machine. The body of the street vacuum can be customized with your city's branding and even carry your messages to passersby.ique de votre ville et même porter vos messages auprès des passants.

5. Quiet equipment

In addition to its urban cleaning performance, the city vacuum also takes care of the quality of life for residents and tourists. Quiet and discreet, it allows cleaning public spaces early in the morning or at night without disturbing citizens' peace.

6. No dust emission

The urban waste vacuum cleaner is equipped with a revolutionary filtration system. There is no dust emission from the back of the machine, and the air that comes out is cleaner than the air we breathe.

7. No unpleasant odors

Dog droppings, pigeon droppings,... The street vacuum removes all kinds of dirt found on the streets. However, no unpleasant odors come out of it. The collected waste is regularly sprayed with disinfectant and deodorizing products to neutralize bad smells.raliser les mauvaises odeurs.

8. Comfortable use for the cleanliness agent

The electric city vacuum is self-propelled. Despite the amount of waste transported, it is easy to move and offers maximum maneuverability. It moves easily on slopes and is not bothered by curbs. Additionally, the urban vacuum is very compact and does not obstruct pedestrians, people with strollers, or people with reduced mobility.

9. Total ergonomics

The cleanliness agent also benefits from a fully ergonomic machine. The machine is designed to ensure the well-being of the agent. The vacuum nozzle is made of carbon and is very light. All adjustments are made quickly and without tools. The handle is very comfortable and easy to use.

10.Efficiency in all seasons

The electric urban waste vacuum cleaner has the advantage of being able to operate in any season. Whether in the sun or rain, the cleaning is effective and efficient.

Do you want to invest in an urban waste vacuum cleaner in Belgium, France, or another country?

Glutton® offers you a revolutionary electric street vacuum cleaner equipped with a medium-pressure lance. For more information, you can contact us by phone or via our online form. You can also request a free demonstration.

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