Bespoke equipment Available options to create the perfect Glutton® Collect® for your needs

Your Glutton® Collect® street vacuum cleaner has a wide range of useful options to meet your needs.

  • Automatic extinguisher

    Automatic extinguisher

    Nothing can resist the insatiable appetite of this powerful vacuum cleaner, not even the bane of cleaners everywhere – cigarettes ends! This option automatically extinguishes a fire starting in the container (from a lit cigarette).

  • Removable anti-clogging grid

    Removable anti-clogging grid

    Your Glutton® can be fitted with a removable anti-clogging grid to prevent blockages in the suction system caused by plastic bags, dead leaves, etc. This removable grid is available in stainless steel as an option, and is a great way to simplify maintenance of your Glutton®.

  • Dog waste spray

    Dog waste spray

    The Glutton® comes as standard with a booster making it easy to deal with dog waste. For greater hygiene and comfort, our automatic spray disinfects, deodorises and humidifies the container to prevent bad smells and any risk of fire caused by cigarette ends that have not been put out.

  • Safety lights

    Safety lights

    With the "Safety lights" option, side and rear LED lights are installed on your electric street vacuum cleaner for maximum visibility. Keeping your cleaning staff safe!

  • Headlight


    Do your cleaners regularly have to work in the dark or dusk? If so, this option is perfect for you. A powerful LED headlight is fitted to your Glutton® for maximum safety and greater ease of use in the dark.

  • Reversing alarm

    Reversing alarm

    Glutton® can add a reversing alarm to your machine. It beeps when reverse is selected, warning passers-by and keeping them safe. Very useful in crowded places.

  • Reflective decals

    Reflective decals

    Red and white reflective decals can be placed on the container and bodywork of your electric street vacuum cleaner to improve visibility and to keep passers-by and your cleaning teams as safe as possible.

  • Horn


    A useful option that's charming too. The Glutton® Collect® operator can sound the horn to attract attention if necessary to guarantee the safety of the operator as well as pedestrians.

  • Tool holder

    Tool holder

    Do you want to take your dustpan and broom with you? No problem – we can attach a holder to your Glutton® Collect®. Simple and practical!

  • Plastic bag kit

    Plastic bag kit

    Another ingenious options to make your life simpler. Bags can lift with suction – this kit stops them causing blockages of the suction system and makes them easy to extract.

  • Manual grippers

    Manual grippers

    Your Glutton® Collect® electrical street vacuum cleaner can be equipped with manual grippers to pick up various items that are trapped, dangerous or difficult to handle.

  • Side bin for large items

    Side bin for large items

    The bin is within reach – on the left or the right of the machine – without letting go of the handle. Use it for large waste items that cannot fit through the 125 mm pipe.

  • Litter bin emptying kit

    Litter bin emptying kit

    The litter bin emptying kit is easy to attach to the rear of your Glutton® electric waste vacuum cleaner. Depending on usage, you can choose between one 120 litre bag or two 120 litre bags. Practical and flexible for waste sorting.

  • Wheel for sweeping pipe

    Wheel for sweeping pipe

    For better manoeuvrability, your suction pipe can be fitted with a 50 or 100 mm diameter castor. This is recommended for long distances and makes the machine easier for your operators to use.

  • Weeding kit

    Weeding kit

    Weeds growing between cobblestones? Your Glutton® is highly versatile and offers the perfect solution for environmentally friendly weeding. Easy to attach and easy to use: it removes and vacuums away weeds in a single operation.

  • Ergonomic handle 3.0

    Ergonomic handle 3.0

    Your Glutton® can be fitted with this ergonomic wireless handle. It is height-adjustable, ambidextrous and comes with a magnetic carry strap for greater freedom of movement. This ground-breaking, maintenance-free handle from Glutton® is redefining ease of use.

  • Wide floor nozzle

    Wide floor nozzle

    The wide floor nozzle attaches to the suction pipe. It easily cleans away wood/steel/aluminium shavings, fabric offcuts and cigarette ends, and means the Glutton® can be used in more places like workshops, warehouses, etc. It has four castors making it highly manoeuvrable and comfortable to use.

  • Stainless steel chassis

    Stainless steel chassis

    As an option, your Glutton® Collect® electric urban waste vacuum cleaner can come with a machine-welded stainless steel chassis for maximum mechanical strength and electrochemical resistance.

  • Container volume reduction kit

    Container volume reduction kit

    This kit is designed to reduce the container in your Glutton® Collect® electric street vacuum cleaner from 240 litres to 120 litres. This size is compatible with waste disposal openings.

  • Top-up tank with electric pump

    Top-up tank with electric pump

    The top-up tank with electric pump is the ideal solution for topping up your batteries. (For lead-acid batteries only).

  • USB socket

    USB socket

    Stay in touch when you're out an about! The Glutton® USB connector is an easy way to recharge a mobile without affecting the way your Glutton® works.

  • GPS-ready


    Integrating your Glutton® with your GPS platform. Our GPS interface box regulates the voltage and isolates the signals sent to your GPS tracker. This solution maximises security for the batteries in your Glutton® and for your GPS trackers. Our GPS interface board has a 12 V power supply so it is compatible with most GPS trackers available on the market.

  • Customised bodywork/decals

    Customised bodywork/decals

    Your Glutton® electric street vacuum cleaner is also a communication tool. Our Glutton® machines are real chameleons, perfectly presenting the colours and messages of your town or factory. Life's better in colour!

  • Coolbox


    The coolbox can be attached on the right or left side of your Glutton® Collect® electric vacuum cleaner. It makes life much more comfortable for your users in sweltering summer months. It's perfect for keeping snacks and drinks cold.

  • Patented APS safety handle

    Patented APS safety handle

    The Glutton® safety handle with operator presence control is a protection system that enhances the user's safety and well-being. The APS with crush prevention is patent-protected and exclusive to Glutton®.

  • Nozzle with claw for tree grilles

    Nozzle with claw for tree grilles

    At last you can keep your tree grilles clean with our narrow nozzle measuring just 2.5 cm with claw. The nozzle is easy to attach to your Glutton® and cleans tight spaces (tree grilles, gutters, vents, drains, etc.), removing rubbish trapped in the gaps. You can use the claw to deal with stubborn or trapped items.

And many more...

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