Benefits of our vacuum cleaner in industry Glutton®: your ally in industry

The 100% eco-friendly Glutton® Collect® street vacuum cleaner is the perfect cleaning ally in your industrial and commercial sites! Because the equipment is silent and eco-friendly, it will generate a sense of safety and well-being among your employees. It is also a great communication tool thanks to the endless customisation options.

The machine can collect all kinds of waste normally found in industry: wood/steel/aluminium shavings, expanded polystyrene, dust, fabric offcuts, etc.

Across the world, thousands of towns and cities, stations, hospitals, airports, industrial and commercial sites are already using the Glutton® because it is so reliable and effective.

Powerful and profitable: the Glutton® makes your teams at least five times more productive while remaining affordable and requiring virtually no maintenance.

Silent and environmentally-friendly: the Glutton® enhances cleanliness and well-being in your company: a dust filter stops any discharge to the atmosphere and a spray disinfects, deodorises and humidifies the waste container.

Goal of excellence: the Glutton® revolutionises and enhances the status of the work done by your operators, helping to achieve a sense of well-being throughout the company, not to mention your goal of excellence!

Visibility and brand: the Glutton® is also a communication tool projecting your corporate image. Its design can be customised for your brand and your colours.

Your benefits:

  • Cleanliness and hygiene: Glutton® is your company's well-being partner.
  • Safety: Glutton® has strong passive and active safety features.
  • Enhanced status: Glutton® revolutionises your maintenance services and helps you achieve your goal of excellence.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With Glutton® your workforce is at least five times more productive compared to manual cleaning.

Video – Glutton® in industry