A major asset for urban cleaning

The Glutton® waste vacuum cleaner represents a major asset for the cleanliness and image of towns. Over 5000 towns in Europe and around the world have already chosen the Glutton®.

  • The primary goal of the Glutton® is to equip public cleaning operatives with an efficient and easy to use tool that makes them feel more valued.
  • The Glutton® changes the public’s perception of the “street cleaner” and town cleaning.
  • The Glutton® can be used anywhere where there is waste on the ground: pavements, streets, alleyways, public places, markets, car parks, halls, rooms, platforms, train stations, tree bases and grills etc. Anywhere, in fact, where sweeping is not practical and inefficient.
  • The Glutton® can be used on all types of ground: concrete, tarmac, paving, lawn, cinder tracks, sand etc.

  • The Glutton® vacuums up any waste that will pass through a 12.5cm tube: paper, cardboard, cigarettes packets and butts, cans and glass, plastic and metal bottles, dog faeces, dead leaves, waste trapped in tree grills, wood, steel and aluminium chips, etc.
  • For larger size waste, the Glutton® is equipped with a “side basket for cumbersome objects” (optional).

Glutton® enables teams to cover areas more frequently and therefore make the town cleaner.